Dating scene santa fe nm

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) and male, so go on the weekends (even though you’ll have to pay a cover) and head downstairs.

It’s darker and there’s a DJ, another bar, and many more women. I say this from experience because I have been (and am) that girl who drunkenly “takes on the town” whilst having zero regard for anything but myself and the girl I want to make out with right then.

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That said, there is one gay bar/club: The Rouge Cat (101 W. It is female-owned, but it’s also pretty male-dominated and tend to have a 30 crowd.It’s a little more subtle which is nice in comparison to a place like Boulder, which was so in-your-face with its frats and neon tank tops and wayfarers everywhere you turned.Santa Fe Community College is a huge part of the community and is great because it offers options for all types of students. John’s College (a small, liberal college on “The Hill”) is also fairly fantastic! John’s: they host a series of free outdoor concerts on their athletic fields every Wednesday in the summer called “Music on the Hill,” their dining hall serves cheap, delicious food (even for non-students) AND some of my favorite hiking starts right in their parking lots.That’s what makes Santa Fe awesome for residents, awesome for visitors, and especially awesome for the gays.Because I’m a lesbian, and I’m 24-years-old, and I’ve already done all this, and it only makes sense that things will be easy for you too!

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