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Few people would leave a spouse at home to troll nightclubs for affairs because the exposure is too great. “I receive a lot of mail from men and women dealing with a wayward spouse, and they frequently mention dating sites, virtual sex, and hidden e-mail accounts in the context of cheating, but none see the Internet as the core problem,” Gaither says.“Most recognize that the problem exists within their cheating spouse, and the Internet is merely a means to a premeditated end.Here is more like an official reply to this from Tully__ He notes: "We do not allow naming of suspected cheats on the forums as none of the forum staff have the access required to investigate.Please submit a support ticket at and include all evidence you may have collected" So I guess we all are invited to go to i also have the name of a cheater, but posted the players names in forums gets the thread closed and name redacted.Anywho, they happened to be right outside and crouched right by a post I was standing near.Immediately I whipped out the MP-5 (have all early gun-shop weaps in game already, but have a soft-spot for MP5) and starting blasting them.Hit them point blank range at least 5-10 times between the chest and head (started at chest, then recoil took my shots up to around their head)... I chased them for several blocks, shooting them all the way from behind, back and head over and over again. I added the person to my block list, so hopefully won't have any more run ins with them...

First the bumpy launch (for us PC players only of course), not optimized video performance... I will do my best to update this thread with cheater proofs as I encounter them, as these are video records I expect Uplay to act on it.

Some cheats like speadhack are less obvous, but others as immortality can be clearly seen.

I expect these cheaters to be banned from the game and a formal reply from one of the representatives would be nice too.

Hey UPlay, isn't there some way that you could make it so you can kick cheaters? People are cheating A LOT and it's pretty annoying when you are playing free roam pvp, and suddenly someone joins the games and they are invulnerable, due to cheats.

I'm guessing they are using some kind of trainer meant for single player?

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