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Results: The mean age of the respondents was 18.7 years (SD = 1.16), 80.1% were women, 64.5% were living in rural area.The proportion of current smokers was significantly greater among men than women (26.8% vs.11.5%, p ) was used to calculate the participants’ BMI by dividing the individual’s body weight in kilograms by the square of their height.The declared health illness in the family and for students was also collected.2.1.3.For all domains, each raw scale score is transformed to a 0 to 100 scale using the formula shown below [48]. This transformation converts the lowest and highest possible scores to zero and 100, respectively.Scores between these values represent the percentage of the total possible score.

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98.9% of students were affiliated to social security (all had non Lebanese nationality).

As the HRQo L may differ between males and females, and according to area of residence (urban/rural) we do stratify the analyses for gender and residency.

A multivariate analysis was performed to analyze the combined effect of predictors (independent variables), on SF-36 dimensions (dependent variables).

Self-rated one-item measure of quality of life, with ratings ranging from 1, very poor, to 5, very good was also collected [31].2.2.

Statistical Analysis Analyses were carried out through frequencies, mean and standard deviation (SD).

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