Screenupdating false word carbon dating theory fact

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Comment End If 'find the line break and markers l Break = In Str(1, cmt.text, Chr(10)) l Num1 = In Str(1, cmt.text, str Find) 1 l Num2 = In Str(l Break, cmt.text, str Find) 1 'format the lines of text With cmt.

Color Index = 0 End With End If Send Keys " " End Sub Sub Comment Text Format Colour() 'adds comment then formats font colour and adds bold ' cmt As Comment Dim str1 As String Dim str2 As String Dim l Break As Long Dim l Num1 As Long Dim l Num2 As Long Dim l Num Len As Long Dim str Find As String On Error Resume Next str1 = "John: 20 Eggs" str2 = "Simon: 50 Eggs" str Find = ":" l Num Len = 3 Set cmt = Active Cell. Add Comment _ text:=str1 & Chr(10) & str2 Set cmt = Active Cell.

Comment If cmt Is Nothing Then Set cmt = Active Cell.

Bold = True End With End If Send Keys " " 'opens comment for editing 'Send Keys "%ie~" 'works with Excel 2003 menu End Sub Sub Comment Date Time Add() 'adds comments with date and time, ' positions cursor at end of comment text ' str Date As String Dim cmt As Comment str Date = "dd-mmm-yy hh:mm:ss" Set cmt = Active Cell.

The solution I have been given by Microsoft is to open the document from Outlook, copy to a new location and close - this is run programmatically and stored in

Over the last few months I have moved previously created templates from VBA to VSTO and have noted that if a user creates a document based on a VSTO template and sends to another user via Outlook the VSTO template does not open as expected, due to the fact that the temporary location is not trusted (honestly this is not a VSTO question).

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NOTE: This creates new comments, without the original formatting.

User Name = str New Dim str Cmt Text As String Dim cmt Old As Comment Dim cmt New As Comment Dim l Cmt Show As Long On Error Resume Next Application. Display Comment Indicator 'show the comments Application.

Display Comment Indicator = xl Comment And Indicator Application.

Sub Comment Add Or Edit() 'adds new plain text comment or positions 'cursor at end of existing comment text ' cmt As Comment Set cmt = Active Cell. Add Comment text:="" End If Send Keys " " End Sub To avoid use of the Send Keys command, you can use the following variation, which leaves the comments visible.

After running the macro, the comment shape is selected.

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