Sedating an

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Depending on how high or low these hormones go and the direction they’re headed, they impact you in a wide variety of ways, for instance your mood, energy, love life, spending habits, sleep quality, food cravings and health. Since your hormones follow a predictable pattern every cycle, it means the effects they have on you are the same cycle after cycle—and this allows you to know ahead of time what your moods, health and behavior will be.As a result, it can help you plan your day, week and month ahead and enable you to take advantage of hormonal benefits (such as high-energy days) and overcome hormonal challenges (such as countering fatigue on low-energy days), making every day of your cycle better.There’s a lot more to a menstrual cycle than just a period and possibly a few days of feeling grouchy right before your period.A menstrual cycle is a roughly four-week span of time when three key hormones—estrogen, testosterone and progesterone—rise and fall in a specific pattern.Are the leaves from a Southeast Asian tree the next...

It depends on your personal sensitivity to hormone fluctuations as well as if you’re eating enough iron-rich foods to make up for iron loss as you bleed during menstruation.Today November 14th 2017 the US FDA issued a statement on their website https://gov/News Events/Newsroom/Press Announcements/ucm584970In short the FDA has issued a public health advisory...Read more In 2007, we produced and distributed the first commercial 15X Kratom extract.We are the original and first commercial supplier of Kratom to the USA, Canada & Europe.We are also the same people that “created” and gave the various synonymous names of most of the different strains that we are all so familiar with today such as Bali, Thai, Maeng Da etc.

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