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Example Scenario: CANCELLED APAR PK59600, requested dynamic recomputing of the Rational Application Developer v7 WTP EAR Libraries classpath container on project checkout from a Software Configuration Management tool, such as CVS, demonstrates the misunderstanding of the new Eclipse WTP 1,5 J2EE build paradigm.

This APAR was the motivation for this technote and helps in understanding these changes.

The EAR Libraries or Web App Libraries containers are explicitly added to the .classpath file corresponding to any J2EE/JEE's project property Java Build Path: Libraries [Tab] , hence the projects specified in those containers are implicitly part of the build path.

The workspace Preferences for J2EE (Java EE RAD7.5 ) introduced Classpath containers settings for EAR Libraries classpath containers and Web App Libraries classpath containers as of Rational Application Developer v7.0.0.1, which are checked/set by default.

For example, if a WAR project depended on a Java Utility project in the MANIFEST.

MF then there would be a .classpath entry to that Java Utility project. V7 relies on the EAR Libraries classpath container which resolves all projects by reading the MANIFEST. Though v7 has moved away from modifying the .classpath directly the old .classpath entries are still supported, but they are discouraged.

When you are trying to debug a complex issue in Eclipse, nothing can be easier than being able to right click on a third-party dependency and drill into the code in the Eclipse debugger.

(Please note that the functionality for adding a dependency or a plugin is exactly the same so we’ll demonstrate it by adding a dependency.) m2eclipse offers two options for adding dependencies to a project.

The first option is by manually editing the file to add a dependency is that you must already know the information about the artifact, or use the features discussed in the next section to manually locate the artifact information in the repository indexes.

Preferences; Classpath containers; EAR Libraries; Web Libraries; .classpath; Java Build Path; J2EE Module Dependencies; Build path contains duplicate entry; Build Order; WTP; Use Java Build Path to control EAR Libraries export; MANIFEST.

MF; Update EAR Libraries; java utility jars; classloading; migrate; migration; utility jars; Java Jar Dependencies; etools.j2ee.teamshare; team; clearcase; class loader; shared library; shared libraries; libraries; Libraries Classpath containers; 1304802 Why does IBM Rational Application Developer for Web Sphere Software v7.0 no longer update the Java Build Path .classpath project file with projects specified for J2EE Modules Dependencies (as was the case in version 6.0) when specifying the corresponding Java Jar Dependencies?

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