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We like anyone who enjoys a good movie, a glass of red wine and a good laugh..My wife is back from Australia and I´ve moved here about I enjoy exploring people and the outdoors.I have much more to say but I’m not writing a research paper LOL , SORRY!INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I’m much more adventurous kind of girl who likes to enjoy travelling ,long-rides , elegant natural places such as beaches(mostly spend whole time watching water waves striking to the sea shores ,hehe),lakes, parks etc.I do like camping and try to do new things like exploring new places, (restaurants) ,different new foods , new dares to life etc. infamy has its advantages Successful, ambitious, free-spirit.I’m not much more into beauty products (face powder, lipstick and stuff)although I do care of my hair. Enjoy a good political debate and keeping up with current and world events. Compassionate about advocating for people or animals that can't advocate for themselves: cares about humanity of others. Feels excitement and wonderment of life when travelling or backpacking throughout countries-loves to take risks and is a thrill seeker. I work hard at my job, and take care of myself physically.

I can be silent, less talkative with people in the first meet but I like to listen them carefully so that I could better understand ‘em .

obviously I love confidence I currently work as a tour guide for Vancouver Island so I am constantly travelling back and forth.

I Love animals,the outdoors and anything that will give me an adrenaline rush. I like to pretend I can Hello everyone, We just got married recently and are looking to meet new friends.

I Everyone says that they´re never good at describing themselves in a box... Play hard, work harder never really know what to write here, i loathe this aspect of the online dating sites... i am not into hyping myself up and going "ohhh ohhh pick me...

pick me" id rather talk and see I´m a free spirit.... I like to hike, swim in a lake, canoe, cycle/mountain bike and camp.

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