Who was brody dating at the end of the hills

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As they said goodbye, the camera panned to reveal they were standing on a studio lot with a backdrop. This much is made clear in the three specials MTV conjured to accompany the finale.The after-show, behind-the-scenes special, and retrospective all purport to reveal how the participants really felt about their experiences, even if the experience was lightly scripted.The trajectory began when MTV first imposed its Real World format on high school kids living their real lives on Laguna Beach.Lauren was the breakout star, apparently experiencing at least a few of the feelings she shared with the audience.

A sequel to the seemingly less scripted Laguna Beach, the show at first allowed viewers to believe that a tiny bit of it was at least a little bit real. In the wake of the Hills-created fame monster Speidi, no one can pretend to believe any of it anymore.

The finale, titled "All Good Things..." premiered 13 July (and will doubtless be rerun for the foreseeable future).

It concluded with villain Kristin Cavallari leaving ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner in order to move to Europe. Still, the show, like other soaps and other reality TV, prompted viewers to feel genuine emotion.

During Season Six, the surrounding publicity began to drown out the series.

Viewers read tabloids first, then watched the show to see the stars act out.

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