Wuauclt not updating

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In the majority of cases, this condition occurs because the file(s) for the approved update(s) are not yet downloaded to the WSUS server.Sometimes this is a function of having approved too many updates and clogging up the download queue with hundreds of files involving tens of gigabytes of downloads.2013-07-09 :294 772 138 Report CWERReporter finishing event handling.

I don't think I've seen a client incorrectly report no updates, however, except when there was a prerequisite update missing.

I then move it into the correct container and wait for it to report, and it goes back to saying there are 12 pending updates, but the server itself still refuses to acknowledge them.

I have tried deleting the Sus Client Id and Sus Client Id Validation registry keys from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Windows Update and repeating the above process with exactly the same result.

We have around 30 servers and 150 client PCs and as far as I can tell all of them seem to be downloading and installing approved updates.

Both servers are in the same OU in Active Directory, have the same applied GPOs (and are successfully applying those GPOs), and both are in the same container on the WSUS console.

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